A warm welcome everyone, wherever you are, to the Andy Murray Fan Forum - a friendly community for dedicated supporters of tennis player Andy Murray (and Jamie too!).

As I'm sure many of you have realised, the forum was recently a victim of a ransomware attack. We have been able to reinstate it, but unfortunately the only usable backup we had available was from September 2013. Anyone who joined the forum after that, will need to re-register, ideally using the same username so we all recognise each other! Although all passwords on the forum were encrypted, we advise anyone who uses the same password on other sites to change it as a precaution.

For those of you who joined the forum before September 2013, you won't need to re-register, but your password will have been reset to what it was at that time. If this happens, and you can't remember what your password was then, click on 'forgot password' and you should get a reset email shortly which will allow you to change your password.

Welcome back everyone!


The Mod Team